Hard Knox Rollergirls

The Hard Knox Roller Girls are Knoxville's first and only competitive WFTDA roller derby league.  Come see what all the fuss is about.

May Featured Skater: Lethal PathoJen

For those of you who travelled to the Chatty bout in March, you saw a familiar face out on the track. That’s right, Lethal PathoJen has returned to the Hard Knox Roller Girls! We’re thrilled to have her back. She is a strong, smart skater who has a lot of skill and passion for roller derby. Lethal trains hard and skates even harder. If you're wondering what she does to stay fit or where she acquired all that awesome derby knowledge, then continue reading to find out more about this month's featured skater, Lethal PathoJen. 

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Fresh Meat Blog: How did I end up here?

How did I end up here?  It all began on a sunny, fall afternoon…. I moved to Knoxville May, 2016. I had no job, no friends, nothing much here. Then, sometime in October, I was bored and came across the Punk Rock Flea Market at Purple Heart Tattoo, and that is where I met Kitty Twister and Black Stabbath.  Stabby said, “Come join derby: it is great for stress.” Kitty said, “You get instant, pre-packaged friends.” They were both so very right! HKRG are the best friends anyone could ask for. 

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April Featured Skater: Kitty Twister

Welcome back HKRG fans! Our 2017 season is just getting started as our Brawlers had their 1st bout against the Chattanooga Roller Girls a couple of weeks ago. If you noticed a skater with the number 1234 on her back, then you saw one of our newer girls in action. That was Kitty Twister, our frisky kitty-loving roller girl, tearing up the track. Terror Tot was the last featured skater of 2016 and in her interview, she told me she wanted to see Kitty Twister as the next featured skater because of her drive from the very start, so if you’re like Terror Tot and as curious as a cat yourself, then read on to find out more about this month’s featured skater, Kitty Twister. 

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