Hard Knox Rollergirls

The Hard Knox Roller Girls are Knoxville's first and only competitive WFTDA roller derby league.  Come see what all the fuss is about.

The 10th Annual Mardi Growl Parade

Look for your Hard Knox Roller Girls this Saturday, March 4th in downtown Knoxville at the 10th Annual Mardi Growl Parade hosted by Young-Williams Animal Center. Parade kicks off at 11am; festival in Market Square will follow from 12pm-2pm. Hope to see you there!

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October Featured Skater: Terror Tot

The Brawlers had a speedy new jammer join their ranks this season. Where did she come from, and what does she do to get ready for bout day? Why does she prefer jamming to blocking? How has roller derby translated into her daily life? If you're wondering what her childhood nickname was or curious about what she's going to dress up as for Halloween, then read on to find out more about this month's featured skater, Terror Tot. 

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September Featured Skater: Rosie Burns

If you've noticed a certain rosy-faced skater out on the track this season, then you've witnessed one of our newest Brawlers in action. What goes through her head during a jam? Which skills has she been working on this season? What drives her to play roller derby in the first place? 

She's square-danced in Roanoke and eaten pizza in NYC. She's also got a few witty jokes up her sleeve. If you're curious about the inspiration behind her derby name or if you'd like to know how to make the perfect ooey-gooey cookie, then kick back, relax, and read on to learn more about some of the things that make up the skater, the warrior, and the woman who is Rosie Burns. 

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August Featured Skater: CarcinoJen

If you've been to any of our home bouts this season, then you've seen a new number out there zipping around the track. Who is that speedy little jammer donning the number 5 on the back of her jersey? Is she a new skater to the world of roller derby, or did she come to us from another league?

Who are some of the top-team jammers that she looks to for inspiration? What are some areas she's working to improve in her own jamming skill-set this season? If you'd like to learn more about one of Hard Knox's newest additions, then read on to catch a glimpse into the interesting life of number 5, CarcinoJen. 

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