Hard Knox Rollergirls

The Hard Knox Roller Girls are Knoxville's first and only competitive WFTDA roller derby league.  Come see what all the fuss is about.

August Featured Skater: Unsweet T

You've seen her on the track for many, many years. She jams, she blocks. She crabs around the outside line. She likes to wear short shorts. She's not very sweet... or is she?! Who could it be?... That's right, you've guessed it. This month's featured skater is the one, the only, Unsweet T!

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July Featured Skater: AnnihilApe

If you caught our season opener back on June 3rd, then you noticed a fresh new face out on the track with the Brawlers. We've grown our league considerably this season, and we're super stoked to have so many new skate sisters. One in particular brings an inspiring energy with her. According to DDG, this skater has tenacity, eagerness, and an insatiable thirst for roller derby. Who is it, you wonder? Her name is AnnihilApe and she's ready to skate! 

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