April 2014 Featured Skater: Sockajomomma

Sockajomomma transferred to Hard Knox last season, and has settled in nicely among this league of extraordinary characters. Shes one of HKRGs many artists in residence, an aspiring kazoo rock star, and an impassible opponent on the track. Read on for more facts about this fine specimen!!

Photo by Rebecca Sword

Photo by Rebecca Sword

Evergreen Jean told us last month that you play some unusual instruments?

I do play some instruments….I can wail on my amplified kazoo and blues harmonica. I keep those in the car just in case a gig pops up last minute. I also can strum a few cords on the guitar and electric ukulele. If anyone needs me to sing some back-up harmony and play tambourine in your rock band, let me know. I may be available. I love music, and my New Year’s Resolution was to become a rock star. That career’s not taking off as quickly as I had anticipated, however. But it’s only April.

Last season you transferred from another league; how is bouting as a Hard Knox Rollergirl different from your previous experience?

I moved here last summer from the Fort Myers Derby Girls in Southwest Florida, and joining the team was first on my list of things to do in Knoxville. Hard Knox has been such a welcoming team; I instantly felt right at home here. The Coliseum is a great venue, its fun and loud. I must give a shout-out to all the HKRG fans…theyre just the right amount of rowdy!

Is there a particular skater who’s helped you up your game since coming to Hard Knox?

I love this whole group of crazy ladies. We each have a unique perspective and style of game play, and it’s a healthy challenge to try to push each other around. HKRG has a lot of fight. I absolutely love this team.

Courtesy of Sockajomomma

Courtesy of Sockajomomma

In other circles you’re known as Big Country. Tell us a little more about that. 

Hahaha. That’s my Wild Wild West alias. You see, little lady, I happen to have a little gang of outlaws. My pals, Little Buckaroo, Honky Tonk Special, Tumbleweed, the Sueno Kid, and yours truly, Big Country…we like to cause a little ruckus from time to time. You just have to catch me in my boots.

What do you feel is your greatest strength on the track?

I would have to say that my best ass-et is my stall-blocking. I try to anticipate where the jammer is going and get there first. Im not really known for wiping out skaters with bone-crushing hits, but I know how to get in the way of the opposing team and keep them behind me

What’s your favorite Easter candy? You don’t seem like a Peeps kinda lady, I’m going to venture a guess and say jelly beans.

For sure. And sour gummy worms. Thats my favorite halftime snack.

You are also a little artsy-fartsy, yes?

I definitely enjoy some arts and crafts. Ive been making a lot of pottery lately. I’ll be having a show this summer. Stay tuned!

Photo by David Smith

Photo by David Smith

As a hard-working grad student, how does roller derby help you stay mentally focused off the track?  

Roller Derby is such a fantastic stress reliever. It definitely keeps me balanced. When Im skating, I get to take a break from all my work and school tasks and deadlines and just think about the immediate assignment of kicking ass.

Which bout are you most looking forward to in this upcoming season?

Our first home bout! I can’t wait! We are playing Little Steel from Ohio on May 3. ROLLER DERBY!

Who would you like to see as next month’s featured skater?

I’d like to see Miss Murder as next months skater. I want to know if she’s ever really murdered someone, but I’m afraid to ask!!!

~Queen Beatdown