HKRG Loves the Sunshine Ambassadors!

The Hard Knox Rollergirls are thrilled to host the Sunshine Ambassadors as our featured organization and halftime show for our June 27 home bout against the Circle City Derby Girls!

The Sunshine Ambassadors is a public charity (501-c-3) whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities through dance, utilizing both structured classes and public performances.


This week, some of the HKRG girls and guys stopped in at a Sunshine Ambassadors practice. We were impressed by the sweat we worked up dancing alongside these amazing performers.

If you missed their performance last year, check it out in the video below. To see the Sunshine Ambassadors performing live (as well as, you know, roller derby) come on out to this Saturday's bout where the HKRG Allstars will be going head to head with the Circle City Derby Girls, followed by the undefeated Lolitas Locas taking on the Machine Gun Kellys. You can buy tickets online or at the door. Doors open at 4. Allstars start at 5 and home teams start at 7. The Sunshine Ambassadors will be performing during the halftime of the second game.

Learn more about the Sunshine Ambassadors, like them on Facebook or visit their website.

The Best Halftime Ever!

Posted by Heidi Jo Yates on Sunday, September 21, 2014