January Featured Skater: Kilty Konscience

Welcome to the New Year! What better way to bring it in than with this skater who has changed the dynamic of the Hard Knox Roller Girls forever in many ways! This skater volunteered with the league for five plus years and then chose to become a member! Please keep reading to find out the scope on this skater and the ways HE, yes HE, has been more than just help or a fan to our Hard Knox family! Congratulations to Kilty Konscience for being 2016’s first Featured Skater!

Last month Rabbit wanted to know what it felt like to be the first male skater and how your first year of skating was like for you.

Obviously it’s an honor! I get to learn from the best skaters around. This team has taken me under their wings and made me feel very welcomed. My first season was great. I got to skate at the Coliseum against my wife (Lyda-Kain) twice!

Of course the most common question that everyone wants to know, how did you come up with your name and number?

We were in Nashville for Championships in 2014 when Heidi (Lyda-Kain) tossed around “Blarney Stones” for my Scottish heritage and “Senior Citizen Kain” for her own amusement. Out of the blue, KoolAid said “Kilty Konscience!” and it stuck! My number is my older sister, Michelle’s, birthday. She is my hero. She has been handicapped all of her life, so it is in tribute to her.

It’s funny how names and numbers seem to just fit when you find out what you want to have, but I would like to know how did you get involved in derby?

We started coming to derby about 5 years ago. A friend told us about it. One bout, and we were hooked! After a year as fans, Lyda joined the team. The rest is history!

The rest is history, and you continue to make history with this team along with being the first male skater! Being the first male skater allows me to ask some different questions! First “male” question is…Boxers or briefs?

It’s none of your business what’s under the kilt!

Well darn! I was hoping for some good juicy information! Since you won’t give up those good secrets, maybe you would a have a good funny story to tell me!!

I don’t have many funny stories, but I do have one. I recently did a co-ed bout in SC. Rabbit, Lyda-Kain, Dirty Kopp, and myself stayed together in a motel after the bout. There was a small closet in the room. Rabbit was in the shower, so I hid in the closet with her bag in front of the closet. She came out and was getting something out of her bag, and as she did, I jumped out of the closet and yelled! She said some choice words as she jumped 6 feet to the other bed! Best scare ever!

That was a good trip; I suck at hiding because like a little kid, I just need to pee when I’m waiting to jump out! So I got to chat with your wife, Lyda, while on this trip. She suggested one question, what is your spirit animal?

I really didn’t think about this until you asked. So I took a test to see what it would be… first off, the test was wrong! It said a butterfly! Lyda-Kain thought that was real funny! So after a lot of thought, I believe it’s a raccoon. A raccoon is always what it seems and it assumes many identities- hence the mask! See question 11 for my identities. The raccoon will assist you how to mask, disguise, and transform yourself. They eat mainly fruit and vegetables, which that statement applies to me especially; recently I changed my whole eating habits. No more caffeine, sugar, bread, or fried food. Now it is mostly fruits and vegetables, water, fish, and chicken. Rabbit helped me realize that I needed to get serious about my diet, so I did!

I knew there was a good reason to ask you that question! You’re a butterfly! That is something that we will not let you live down! You can think you’re a raccoon, but only your true spirit animal is a butterfly! This interview is only getting better! Next question, do you have any traditions?

The only tradition I have is not to wash clothes on New Year’s Day. My grandmother Gibson taught me that.

I have never heard of that, I guess it’s probably not to wash the good luck out of your clothes, but I will leave that mystery to the unknown…maybe one of your fans will ask you at a game! I can’t spoil all the fun! Since we know you have a tradition and your spirit animal, do you believe in Sasquatch, Ole Nessie, or aliens?

I am one of those people that have to see it to believe it. I am not saying that it’s not possible but I just don’t believe in them. Believe me, between Lyda-Kain and Rabbit, I have all possibilities!

Speaking with Rabbit last month, she did get to inform us of her beliefs in Bigfoot, so you will have all possibilities with her! As a male skater, I have another fun question that I only get to ask you! Do you require any extra equipment for derby?

My extra equipment is for my extra equipment! I have to wear a cup, not only for my protection but because I don’t trust my wife on the track! She has an unfair advantage when it comes to scrimmaging!

Hope you play it smart with the wife on the track, but if not, then you have protection! I know I have enjoyed myself and these fun random questions; I will give you a serious one now I guess! How does your career tie into the HRKG league?

I am Handy Randy by profession. Ever since we became involved with the league, I have helped out any way I can. The benefit of my job helped out when we were able to get our own practice space. We needed to build bathrooms, benches, install electrical and plumbing to the building. I volunteered my labor to save the league money, so not only do I help with the league, I am the only male skater, on the 2016 board, I help Chris with the Rec league, and I am Knuckles. I love this league!

You have been more than helpful to this league and we couldn’t be more thankful to have you around. And now we get to enjoy having you on the track with us! Of course, we like to give you a good beating every now and then! Since you love this league so much <wink, wink> if you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Obviously my family would come first, but I would build us a new practice space!

I guess you better start playing the lotto; we would love a new practice space! Kilty, if you were going to be stuck on an island, what three things would you take with you, and why?

Duct tape, a knife, and a flint. A knife and a flint are obvious because of survival. The duct tape because skaters can’t live without it; it’s the most important thing in our bag and can fix any job!

I feel lost when I don’t have my duct tape! Well thank you for your time to sit and chat with me about these awesome facts about yourself! Like all interviews, there is only one more question I have for you! Who would you like to see as next month’s featured skater, and why?

I want to find out the story of Jadacide’s number!