February Featured Skater: Jadacide

Jadacide is one tough blocker that you don't want to mess with! She's very protective of her fellow jammers, and she'll knock down any skater who tries to get in their way. While she's not kicking butt out on the track, she can be found cross-training on the river. February's featured skater has some big plans for her love-life and derby career in 2016. 

Which famous country music singer called her a cutie in her childhood? What has been the best adventure of her life so far? Read on to find out more about this month's featured skater and what being a roller girl means to her. 

How long have you played roller derby? What keeps you coming back for more? What made you decide you wanted to play roller derby in the first place?

My bestie Jillian took me to see her sister, Sauvignon Block, play a game in 2011. I knew I wanted to play about five minutes into the first bout. With a little convincing from Sauv, Jillian, and their mother, I found a beginner's pair of skates from a 10-year old boy on Craigslist, and then I nervously had my first fresh meat practice in 2012. I was hooked, and I played my first game in 2013. It's been the best adventure of my life so far, and I'm in love with the sport itself, but what keeps me playing is the way roller derby is rewarding is so many aspects.  The players, volunteers, and fans all give back to the community. We all take care of each other. And just playing the game has helped me to build confidence and self-worth.

photo credit: Randal Yates 

photo credit: Randal Yates 

Out of all the bouts you’ve played in over your derby career, which was your favorite to play, and why?

I would have to say that it was my first away game as a Brawler to Nashville in 2014. We were way behind very early into the game and I think a little short on players due to an injury or two.

Paramaniac (boy I miss her!) and I got to play in almost every jam. It was like a crash course in getting my butt kicked. Those Nashville ladies hurt! It was exhausting but so much fun! I don't think I've ever had a better time losing.

Kilty wanted to know what your number stood for. Can you please tell us its significance?

Haha. The number 37 has kind of followed me around my whole life. It pops up everywhere. You might start noticing it now that I've said something, too. It seems to be a popular number for people to recite when they have to pull a number out of the air. When I noticed it in one of my favorite movies, Clerks, a few years ago, I knew the number was meant for me.

If you ever hear anyone say "In a row? " after my number, it's a silly play on a scene from the movie in reference to how many opposing team members I've knocked down.

photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

Did you grow up playing sports? If so, did any of your experiences translate to derby? How?

 I participated in gymnastics for a few years growing up. What's really carried over to derby is the limberness. I'm definitely not as spry as I was, but I can toss out a good backbend now and then. Stretching those muscles really helps me loosen up before and after practices and bouts.

Plus, we were always trained to "fall soft" in gymnastics, and that's helped me to (sometimes) fall with grace on the track.

Do you have any unusual hobbies or unique interests that you’d like to tell us about?

Well, lately I've become really interested in some of the unsolved mysteries across the country. For instance, the case of the Original Night Stalker, an unidentified serial killer in Southern California who left an absolutely terrifying message on the answering machine of an intended victim, has me really intrigued. I don't recommend listening to that while home alone, or late at night. In fact, amateur sleuthing as a hobby tends to make you walk a little faster to your car at night. It's just so easy to get sucked into the mystery of each case.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I met Billy Ray Cyrus at the height of Achy Breaky Heart's popularity. So that was 1992-93?... It was at a performance at Dollywood and six year old me was absolutely smitten. My mom hated the song, but she took me anyway. I got his autograph and he called me "cutie" and I was probably in love with him for way past his prime because of it. He'll always be a good memory for me.

Everyone watched in delightful surprise as your super sweet and romantic boyfriend proposed to you at one of our home bouts last summer. What does he have planned for you two lovebirds for Valentine’s Day?

That was probably the best day of my life and definitely the biggest surprise. Everybody was in on it but me. It was so wonderful to be able to experience a proposal like that.

Since I've already gotten the best present a girl could get, we will probably keep it simple for Valentine's Day. I'm thinking a home-cooked meal and Dr. Who on Netflix. I'll probably let him play on his drum set for a while because he definitely deserves it.

photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

After you all get married, where are you planning on honeymooning?

 The beach! We haven't decided where yet but we know we want to feel sand on our feet after this winter. I looked into cruises initially, but then a link on Google led me to a listing of all the disappearances from ships over the years. Seriously, too much research can be a bad thing.

So we're going somewhere within a day's drive. I'm working on persuading him to go to Harry Potter Land but he's not as enthused as me. I've still got time!

Besides skating, how do you like to stay active?

I love being outside. I have an energetic miniature dachshund named Dexter who loves to play fetch and run around like he's crazy, so we spend a lot of time out in the backyard.

Also, I love kayaking in nice weather. My kayak is really wide so it's only appropriate for lazy rivers, but I'd love to get a beginner's whitewater kayak and hit some E1 or 2 rapids. It's a great upper body workout, and the constant balancing act works out your hips.

Which top-team skater do you watch closely to try and learn from?

Scald Eagle of the Rose City Rollers really caught my attention this past year. I'd heard the name a few times, but I hadn't watched her play until the 2015 WFTDA Championships. Oh wow, that woman can juke! And jump! I've tried to simulate a few of her moves, but I definitely need to work on my agility.

photo credit: John Blood 

photo credit: John Blood 

If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Clausen's Hot and Spicy pickles. I pretty much do that already.

Describe what it means to you to be a roller girl.

To me, being a roller girl is something at one time I thought I'd never achieve. I was introduced to roller derby shortly after ending a very long, very bad relationship. I just wanted to play at first, but I've grown in so many ways that I never even expected.

Roller derby has helped me rejoin the human race, and I credit it to my survival. I think a lot of people who have found derby do so, too. It's been an incredibly character-building experience that I am so thankful for.

Being a roller girl means never backing down, even when the hits keep coming.

photo credit: John Blood 

photo credit: John Blood 

You’re mainly seen out on the track as a blocker. Do blockers get the same jitters that jammers get? What goes through your head when you’re lining up for a jam?

It's funny, I never get the jitters when I'm blocking. I tend to chant ‘don't lose sight of the jammers’ in my head so I don't squirrel when the whistle blows. I actually feel very defensive of my fellow ladies on the track when I'm blocking. But it really helps that I have full confidence that we will all work together to get our jammer out.

Jamming, however, is another story for me. The second that the bench coach hands me the star panty, I go two shades paler, almost see-through. I have no idea why. I guess it's because the star is basically a target. I've almost gotten past this reaction, though. It makes me respect jammers even more.

What goals do you have for yourself this season?

I definitely want to get out and jam more this season. It's one of my biggest obstacles, and I know I'm going to have to work hard if you're going to see me with the star on my helmet this season.

Who would you like to see as next month’s featured skater, and why?

Black Stabbath. I love her quirky personality, and she's really coming up fast as a skater. I'd love to know how she felt winning MVP at this past Naughty or Nice bout.

Thanks for a wonderful interview, Jada.

Until next month…

~Space Riot