October Featured Skater: Terror Tot

The Brawlers had a speedy new jammer join their ranks this season. Where did she come from, and what does she do to get ready for bout day? Why does she prefer jamming to blocking? How has roller derby translated into her daily life? If you're wondering what her childhood nickname was or curious about what she's going to dress up as for Halloween, then read on to find out more about this month's featured skater, Terror Tot. 

Photo credit: Terror Tot 

Photo credit: Terror Tot 

In last month’s interview, Rosie Burns mentioned that she had some things she wanted to know about you. First off, she wanted to know about your transition from blades to quads. Can you tell us a little about that? Next, can you please elaborate on your bout-day ritual and the significance of washing your feet? And lastly, Rosie wanted to know, if you had an unlimited budget, how would you design your dream windows and blinds?

 Blades to quads. Let’s see: fire and water. The setup of the boots are very different. My blades were kind of cheap too so I only did plow stops. Learning a tomahawk was a challenge that I enjoyed. Keeping my strides smaller with quads was fun. With blades you have to go large to get fast; it’s not the same with quads.

Bout Day ritual. Ok, don’t judge me but it starts with a sugary cereal and Ocean Adventures with my pups. Before I leave the house I have a tuna sandwich. On the way to Maryville College I listen to a bunch of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac and yes, old school Britany Spears and Disney musicals. Let’s get down to business!

My feet. It stems from a lot of different things. One: Jesus. The story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet made a large impact on my faith during confirmation. Two: respect. Your body rests on your feet. Why not treat them with the utmost respect? Three: cleanliness. Running around barefoot all day or stomping around in work shoes for 9+ hours can be unsanitary to your nail beds. Taking 1 minute to clean them up can be super beneficial to your health.

Dream windows: super UV blocking. Blinds: Roman shades with thermal shield. I love the idea of having something that pays you back. I would have them match my floors. Cordless would be great, but I’m short. Motorized cool, but I lose things too easily. Standard cord control all the way.  

While this is your rookie season with Hard Knox, did you play derby for any other leagues before coming to us?

Yes. I started with Onslow County Derby Dames. With them, I learned what derby really was. Then I was with Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties. There, my love for derby was really planted. I learned how to take a hit and that rollerblades just are not for derby!

Photo credit: Unknown 

Photo credit: Unknown 

What are some of the things you do to cross-train?

I do yoga and low cardio on my treadmill. I love yoga because it helps your body get used to being in weird positions and temple pose is great for those dang crabs! 

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far in your roller derby career?

Oh boy. Let’s see. I will say myself. I have, just like many, a little voice in my head that says. 'I can’t'. Well, I can. And I will. In roller derby, you have to break down walls that you have. I wasn’t a big fan of touching people or being touched; I’m over it. I had trouble jumping the apex; ‘I’ll fall!’ Jumped it. I thought I was too small to knock people out; I hit a jammer out 3 times in a row last bout.

Photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

Photo credit: Rebecca Sword 

How has being a roller girl translated into your personal life? Has it helped you in any way--say for instance--by giving you the confidence to do something you normally wouldn’t have done? Or perhaps by empowering you to try something new or to be daring and take a risk?

Roller derby has helped me find who I am. I have channeled all of my excess energy, passion, anger, and joy into derby. It takes a lot lot lot to get under my skin now. I skate through a pack and think, ‘you think you can stop me?’ HA. I have a whole league of people I love and trust. You think you can hurt my feelings? I have learned that life is like a delicious sub: take large bites and enjoy it.

Name a musical album you cannot live without.

Currently it’s Peggy Lee’s Greatest Hits, but if you take my Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces away I’m sure I would parish in a terrible death.

Did you have any weird nicknames growing up?

Haha who didn’t? This one boy couldn’t pronounce my name so he called me Pigabuss. Some of my other friends called me Bizzy Lizzy, I guess some things never change.

Where’s the furthest place you’ve ever travelled from home?

Never Never Land

How would you say that jamming differs from blocking?

Jamming is like having a giant “Kick me!” sign on your back, while blocking is a whole different world. When blocking, you have to worry about defense as well as offense. Jamming is all sparing. Blocking is precise game play.

Photo credit: John M. Blood 

Photo credit: John M. Blood 

Do you prefer jamming or blocking? Why?

I prefer jamming because you break through and then run away! The adrenaline rush I get from skating away from someone who just wants to knock me on my ass is incredible. 

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Dolly Parton! I have some boots and a padded bra, look out world!

Do you have any good trick-or-treating stories from when you were a kid?

Does 18 count? My buddy and I were grapes and wore our rollerblades. We had our trick-or-treating done in no time!

Photo credit: Unknown 

Photo credit: Unknown 

What’s your favorite scary movie?

Ok ghost face haha…my favorite scary movie is Lady in White. I’ve been watching it for years, and it never gets old.

If you could eat dinner with any notable historic figure, who would it be, and where would you dine?

Ben Franklin. And at his momma’s house! We would have red meat off the bone and beer, of course, because “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” 

Hahaha, well okay then! There you have it folks, now you know a little more about one of our fun-loving new skaters, Terror Tot. Thanks, Tot, for the peppy interview. And as for you readers, thank you for keeping up with our featured skaters throughout the year. Check back in next season to read all about our 2017 featured skaters.

Happy fall, y'all! 

~Space Riot