March Featured Skater: Sally Stitch

Welcome back Hard Knox Fan Family! Magically Malicious here with our next featured skater: Sally Stitch. She is new to Hard Knox, so you may not have gotten a chance to see her in action, but she is definitely one to keep an eye out for this season. 

You are new to Hard Knox, but you are not new to skating. Who did you skate with prior to us? Are you excited about joining the HKRG family?

 I skated with a junior league called Atomic City Fallouts. We actually practiced at Tri County Roller Arena as well! Oh yes, I’m very excited.  I’ve waited a long time to play with HKRG! About seven years, I’d say!

We are very glad to have you. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Photo Credit: ShutHerUp Photography

Photo Credit: ShutHerUp Photography

Cut N Dye wanted to know about your perspective going from junior derby to adult derby? What has the transition been like? What parts have been easy, what parts have been hard?

One thing about junior derby is that you definitely don’t get hit as hard as you do in adult derby, haha! Other than that, there isn’t too much of a difference between level 3 junior derby and what I’m doing now with all of you.  There are just no kids involved.  I disliked playing against smaller/younger kids because normally they would struggle quite a bit, and it would make me feel bad. I do have to give it to this one kid on the opposing team once though: She looked tiny and innocent, but she hit hard enough to knock me over!

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

 You were a spectator and fan of Hard Knox before joining us. Was it hard to watch the team knowing you would be joining us? Is there any skater you particularly liked watching?

It was amazing to watch knowing that I’d be a part of it one day.  It made my heart incredibly happy to be there, and now I can officially say, “I’m a Hard Knox Girl, too!”  That makes my heart even happier! As for any particular skaters, I used to love watching Evil Lucia, Evergreen Jean, DDG, Slaughter, Space Riot, and of course, Unsweet T! They were my role models when I first started going to games!

 You also skate at local skate parks on ramps, streets, and bowls. Can you tell me more about that? What drew you to said bowls? What is your favorite bowl related activity? (Mine is eating ice cream.)

I can relate to yours, haha! I go to the Knoxville Skatepark when I’m able.  I’d say my favorite thing about the skate park is the big bowl with the twinkie that drops down inside (I don’t know if it’s actually called the twinkie but I know that’s what some of the girls call it, haha).  I’ve wanted to try dropping in the bowl a few times, but I haven’t gotten up the guts to do it yet.

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

How did you choose your skater name? It reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas. Was that the illusion you were going for, or am I totally off?

I used to watch Ghost Whisper a lot and there was an episode with a ghost named Sally Stitch in it and I just liked it a lot. Also, that’s how I got my number.  It was season 5, episode 2 (#502)! I also liked it because it made me think of Nightmare Before Christmas! I love Tim Burton movies!

Now that you mention it, I think I remember that ghost.

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

Photo Credit: Rhonda Walker

 We all have self-improvement goals, especially on the track. What is your goal for this year?

I really need to work on not using my forearms/elbows. I’ve always had that problem in derby. I’ve definitely gotten better at it, but I also think I could improve more as well.

Photo Credit: William Shackelford

Photo Credit: William Shackelford

I am really bad at elbows, myself.

 Every skater has things they prefer to do over others on the track. Do you prefer jamming or blocking? Why?

 I really love jamming, but I honestly think I prefer blocking because I feel like I’m better at it.  I may not be the biggest girl, but I feel like I’m a pretty serious blocker.  I just feel like I’m really good at it.

 Gear sure makes a big difference. I remember making the first small adjustment to my skates (new bushings) and what a difference it made. What is your current gear setup? We are beginning our Fresh Meat 2018 program where we teach aspiring athletes how to play derby. Do you have any tips for these girls as they choose their setups?

 I have found that my favorite gear to use is Pro-Tec, and if you’re looking for a really amazing mouth guard, definitely go with the Sisu brand! I absolutely love Sisu mouth guards! Also, never, ever forget to tighten your toe stops before skating.  I have forgotten many times, and it always results in me having to stop and put my toe stop back on.

Now that we know Sally Stitch as a skater, what would you like to tell us about her off the track? What is one thing (or more) that makes you angry/a pet peeve of yours?

I love my dad with all of my heart, but he rolls his own cigarettes at home.  After he puts the tobacco inside, he’ll tap the filter part on the table like 10 times for each cigarette to pack the tobacco better.  I can’t stand that tapping noise, especially when a show is on, haha! It’s doesn’t necessarily make me angry, but it does push my buttons a little bit.

You seem to be a very outdoorsy person, and I have heard you enjoy hiking. Do you have a favorite hike? What is one insanely awesome experience you have had on a trail?

I’ve hiked a few trails. My favorite so far was the hike to the bluffs on the way up to Mount LeConte! It was super icy that day; we had some fun sliding down part of the trail, haha.

Photo Credit: Brian Chapman

Photo Credit: Brian Chapman

Photo Credit: Brian Chapman

Photo Credit: Brian Chapman

I hiked up to LeConte in the ice and down the Trillium Gap Trail. It was super beautiful, but a slippery adventure on the way down.

You like animals a good deal. Do you have any pets? What is your favorite animal/soul animal? Why?

 We have six dogs, including my boyfriend’s dog (who lives with us), and also one crested gecko and a guinea pig! I think my favorite animal would have to be a fox.  I’ve always wanted one! I plan to get one someday, haha.  As for a spirit/soul animal, mine would be anything shy that keeps to itself. A lot of people think I don’t like them if I don’t talk to them, but truth is, I’m just a really quiet and shy person.

Well, you’re not very shy on the track!

 If money and experience were not a factor, what would be your dream career? Why?

I always used to wish I could make a career out of skating, haha. Other than that, maybe owning a grooming salon because animals are my life aside from skating.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I am very excited about playing with you this upcoming season. Now it’s your turn: Who would you like to nominate as featured skater for April and what would you like to know about her?

I would like to nominate Bleu Steele. I am new here, and would like to know more about her as a whole. I have noticed her confidence on the track and would like to know where she gets it from. I mentioned earlier that I can be a shy person, and she is very outgoing.

Alright, there you have it folks. Come out and catch some of the powerful blocking and zippy jamming of Sally Stitch this season. You will not be disappointed, and neither will we! Catch us next month as we talk to Bleu Steele and learn how she brings confidence to the wonderful sport of roller derby. Until next time…


-Magically Malicious