HKRG Skate-a-thon!!!

Hey friends and fans, it's almost time for our annual Skate-a-thon fundraiser which is happening on May 6th from 8-9pm! We have a ton of fun things coming up, and we need your help to raise some serious funds for our league. If you’re not already familiar with this event, let me explain it to ya. Our skaters find friends, co-workers, businesses, etc. to sponsor a pledge amount per lap they skate. So say a sponsor pledges a dollar a lap and the skater does 100 laps, that’s a $100 for our league! In the past, we've had pledges for 10 cents, a quarter, even two dollars a lap! Any little bit helps and is greatly appreciated, seriously. A skater can have as many pledges as she can wrangle. You can even make a one time flat rate donation if that’s more your style. 

The money we raise through this fundraiser will help replenish our funds from some of these past and upcoming events: 

  • Our All-Stars are competing in the Low Down Throw Down Roller Derby Tournament, a three day tourney in Augusta, Georgia from April 13-15th in which our girls will have to travel and find lodging.
  • Our league also has a super rad coaching session lined up from the one and only Smarty Pants on April 18th that we are so incredibly stoked about!
  • We also have a couple more travel bouts coming up before our home season starts on June 2nd.

Using those events as examples, that’s where the majority of our league’s money is going until the home season kicks off, which then we’ll be buying print materials and merch for our bouts. And remember, your donation is tax deductible (we can give you a form for that) and seriously helps your favorite roller derby girls. Below is a link to our pledge form where you can sign up as a sponsor, or you can contact your favorite skater. If you have any questions, message our FB page or email for more info. We thank everyone in advance, and we’re ready to skate off our buns for funds!