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The Hard Knox Roller Girls are Knoxville's first and only competitive WFTDA roller derby league.  Come see what all the fuss is about.

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July 2015 Featured Skater: Pitbull Pistol

She is a pistol-whipping jammer that can’t be stopped for anything.  She can dominate the track as a blocker like a dog marking its territory.  Just when you think you can escape her, she is biting you at your heels, lucky for you she can only go so far before her leash makes her stay in the engagement zone.  July is an awesome month for her - not only is she your featured skater of the month, it is also her birthday month!  Here’s to Pit bull Pistol as July’s Feature Skater!

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June 2015 Featured Skater: Sunday School Slammer

She’s not your typical Sunday school teacher. She is a dedicated training machine on and off the track which continues to show each time she laces up. This busy gal spends her time collecting her favorite thing, along with trying to avoid any strange things from happening to her. What are all her secrets? Read on to find out about this month’s featured skater and birthday girl, Sunday School Slammer!

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